Every game makes a difference

Game Nights with the ability to change lives for the better


We donate 10% of our monthly profits to the Art of Living Foundation, a global NGO, who work to create a stress-free and violence-free society and help people improve their mental & physical well-being. Our games provide some relaxation and enjoyment with friends and family from all over the world. Why not make a difference to someone's life while enjoying yours to the fullest!

We are proud to have Forced To Flee, an organisation that spreads awareness and shines a light on social issues, focusing in on refugees, as our Non-Profit Partner. Started in 2018, Forced To Flee have had the unique opportunity to talk to influential people such as Victor Ochen, a peace activist, to the Chief Operating Officer of UNICEF UK & UNHCR Representative to the United Kingdom and bring attention to social issues such as climate change to human rights violations all over the world.

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But we need your help. Tell all your colleagues, friends and family to join a game to help improve someone's life.

Every Game Makes A Difference