A game of skill, deduction and deception.

Can you outwit the mafia?

A community game played live with people around the world, friends and families all from the safety of your own home. Every round, you will covertly be assigned a role and it is your job is to help your side win. The game takes place in a village, where there are two sides, The Mafia (the informed minority) and The Village (the uninformed majority). In The Village, there are the villagers, a doctor (with the ability to save lives) and the police (the ability to discreetly confirm the role of players). The Mafia get to decide whom they want to kill during the 'night', a perfect opportunity to seek revenge on players! Mafia is a game full of fun, investigation and a lot of accusations. Its easy to pick up and not too complicated, a game for all ages!

"Amazing game & great night!"

"Absolutely brilliant game"


How it works...

Games for 7-20 people, all online, all live, played from home, and hosted by us!

Our events take place online via the video conferencing platform, Zoom. Zoom is a great way to play Mafia from the comfort and safety of your home, with people all over the world! You can organise a private game for your family and/or friends to join and the best part is that they can be people from all over the world! All you need is a phone/laptop, and we take care of the rest! Or, you can play by yourself in one of our Free Mafia Events and play with different people, you can also invite your friends to join your booked free event, whilst spots last! What's there to wait for? Book your spot now!!


100% Free Online, Live & Interactive Mafia Event, play with people who could be from any corner of the earth from your home. Enjoy a night to remember on us!