Every night the doctor gets to save one life of their choosing. It can also be themselves

The villagers have no roles during the night. They are completely oblivious to what's happening

Every night the mafia has the opportunity to kill one member of the village. If the doctor saves the person the mafia want to kill no one dies

The policeman or women get to accuse one person of being in the mafia. The Games Master will then truthfully inform them if they are correct

During the round, there will be possibly multiple 'nights', where the Games Master will put the village to sleep by splitting of players into rooms, by themselves or with their fellow mafia. During the night, the doctor, the police and the mafia all have very important jobs. These are shown and described below.

The 'Night'

Every round each person will be assigned a role. This role varies round-to-round. Depending on your role, there are 2 different aims of the game. If you are part of the mafia, your objective is to outnumber or kill the rest of the village whilst going undetected. If you are part of the village, your objective is to outwit or outnumber, accuse and kill all of the mafia. The round ends when the village outnumbers have killed all the mafia or when the mafia has killed or outnumber the villagers. 

How do you play?

Mafia is a game full of murder and mystery. Mafia is a community game where all the players live in a village. In the village, there are 4 roles that someone could be assigned to; the mafia, the police, the doctor and the villagers. There is one game master who controls the order of play.  Mafia uses an array of skills such as deception, investigation and a whole lot of accusations! It is a whole lot of fun! Can you outwit the mafia? The game will take place via Zoom, so its a live event with other real-life people. Book now to experience the fun! Book a private game with up to 20 of your invited friends or join a public game now!

What is mafia?

The village then awakes when someone has been killed, someone saved and someone accused. The Games Master will then inform the village of what went on during the night and who, if someone did, die. The Games Master will then open the floor for any accusations.


Any member of the village can be accused or accuse someone of being in the mafia. For your accusation to be valid another person must 'second' the accusation. The accuser then must state a reason of why they think the accused is guilty and the accused if they wish, may give a statement for their defence. The village is a democracy, so it is ultimately up to the wider village community if they find someone guilty, much like a court trial. The Games Master will ask every member to vote, thumbs up to save or thumbs down to kill, the votes will then be counted and a verdict will have been reached. 

What happens when you die?

When you are killed, you remain dead and cannot participate for the remainder of that round. You will be placed into a dead room so you can talk to other eliminated players during the night

And that is it. You should be ready to play mafia! If you have any other questions please ask them before the start of your game.

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A.S. Events will not conduct a mafia event with players under 11 years of age

A minimum of 7 players is needed to play